Our property management service ensures that you achieve the best possible rental return for your property in the quickest time and with minimal void periods. We will deal with the entire letting process allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your rental investment without the demands and stress that usually come with being a landlord. This service has proved particularly valuable to our international investors. Our management service consists of four stages:


We will contact several estate agents to arrange suitable times for them to visit the property and carry out their valuations.  Once these valuations have been completed we will report back to you with our recommendation on which estate agent we feel would be best to market your property. It is imperative at this stage to choose the very best estate agent as this will make an impact on how quickly the property will be let. Once a decision has been made we will negotiate the terms and fees on your behalf with the chosen party. The rapport that we build with estate agents means that we are often able to secure a reduction in fees on your behalf.